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Drawing, painting and the love of art have always been a constant in my existence. From the age of five until I was seventeen, not a day went by without my pencil resting on a piece of paper.


I also had the opportunity to follow the lessons of the painter Alfredo Campo, a great Sicilian artist who was a pupil of Renato Guttuso from whom I learned the use of color in oil painting and in various mixed techniques. Everyone said I was promising, even those who "understood". From the age of seventeen onwards, however, the study of jazz became increasingly monogamous, I don't know why, and I gradually interrupted my relationship with this world.


For some years I "painted" only with the digital colors of a cell phone app. Certainly not the same thing but I was fine with that. In the summer of 2019 I realized that that detachment had only the meaning of a parenthesis, so I resumed painting in earnest.

And without pretense. It was like the last piece of the puzzle finally fell into place, too.


And it's always nice to get on the eye side.


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