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"Rosario Di Rosa è un nome sul quale chi è alla ricerca di qualcosa di nuovo rispetto alla cerchia dei soliti noti

nel jazz italiano dovrebbe puntare

senza esitazioni."

Vittorio Pio , Wall Street Int.

"...é doveroso inserire Di Rosa nel ristretto elenco dei migliori giovani pianisti nazionali..."

Enzo Pavoni, Audioreview

"Le sensazioni che coinvolgono l’ascoltatore fanno parte di un progetto speciale di rinnovamento del jazz, che in Italia non ha adepti dello stesso calibro"

Ettore Garzia, Percorsi Musicali

Rosario Di Rosa is a Sicilian musician and composer, distinguished by a vocation for research and contamination between multiple musical worlds both acoustic and electronic. 


He studied visual arts with the painter Alfredo Campo, jazz piano with Salvatore Bonafede, classical piano with Leonardo Leonardi and Manuela Dalla Fontana, composition with Riccardo Dapelo

He was selected among 50 young pianists worldwide to participate in the "Martial Solal International Jazz Piano Competition" in Paris.


He has released several records under his own name, obtaining excellent awards such as the JAZZIT AWARD 2010, 2012, 2015 and the TOP TEN READING POLL of JAZZIT. He has been reported several times as "Best New Talent" and "Best Musician of the Year" and in 2015 the Rosario Di Rosa Trio ranks 2nd among the best ensembles of the year in the TOP JAZZ of Musica Jazz magazine.


In parallel to his piano activity, he began to study electronic music as a self-taught musician, which over time will become an indispensable part of his musical evolution. Currently, in fact, his musical aesthetics derives essentially from the acousmatic art, using a variety of devices such as turntables, samplers, contact microphones, conceiving the "sound" as various textures formed by layers of sound debris.


His first records in this different field of research have already received considerable acclaim, in particular "Zehra" (Deep Voice Records 2020) and "Studio disarmonico di un attimo" (Slowth Records 2021) have been included among the best publications of the year by the authoritative blog "Percorsi Musicali" edited by Ettore Garzia.

In 2022 he released a double album on New York's Chant Records label dedicated to the visionary graphic work of Professor Bad Trip, aka Gianluca Lerici, one of Italy's leading cartoonists.


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